My Comics Pull-list for 3/14/2018

Last Week Last Minute Pick-ups

6150428-bloodshot-salvation-7I bought this on a bit of a whim. I’d heard that it was all told with no images as the main character was blind. Now of course it’s Jeff Lemire writing and he’s always good and entertaining, but not knowing the full story of this series it’s hard to get into it. I like the writing and the ending page was really great and I keep telling myself I’m gonna add this to my pull but I just never do. I’ve added it to my watch but if it shows up at a busy time I’ll probably pass and stick with what I’m already deep into.


2058484-highest-house-1I also bought this one, I was on the fence then I saw that it was printed in an issue a bit bigger than normal and anything new and different is always a deal sealer for me. This really reads like a book, just shy of a kid’s book, not that it’s for kids by any means – and not that it’s extreme grown up, but just had that feel. I haven’t finished it yet, not sure if I will, and not sure if I’ll get the next one. I believe it’s a mini series, and if I knew for sure may sway me one way for the other but as of now I’m unsure if I’ll get the next one.


Comics I’m getting on 3/14/2018

large-3002426Action Comics #999 So the big 1000 is close, and the story I guess is still going. They wrapped up the OZ Effect in last issue with Superman unable to change the history of his home planet and seeing that in deed something or someone took his father just before he was killed. Not much of a surprise for any of it so I don’t know so I can only hope that there’s more to the story and with the 1000 issue coming up something will happen? Or no? I mean how do you know, you don’t, we’re just along for the ride. Also I’m not looking forward to all the covers for the 1000 issue, that’s a bit nuts, and kind of a turn off. I’m entertaining the idea of starting to hold off on series buys and just getting into big events like Metal and stuff like that but even in that area that I’m the one making the final decision – I have no idea what will happen. And this also is the first of many with multiple covers, something that has had a negative effect on my wallet and marriage, but seriously when both covers are cool what are you to do?


Betrothed #1 Sean Lewis, I love his stories so far, Saints was one of the first series I got into and have got all of his work since. This one I’m a bit hesitant on expecting to love it so much because I’m not a fan of the art. Sean Lewis always does great stories as far as I’m concerned and he’s always ended up working with great artists, so I may change my mind. This might also help me tell if I’m one who leans more to the story or more to the art.




Cold War #2 I didn’t hate the first one but didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. Just didn’t enjoy the whole presentation of the story, kind of jarring at times but I find it almost impossible to judge a story off of just the first issue so we’ll see where #2 takes us.



1420727-come-into-me-1Come Into Me #1 The writers of The Dregs bring the world a body horror story, which I feel The Dregs was almost, with it’s sores from drugs and the chopping of people, and all of it painted in Phillip Marlowe colors. I enjoyed The Dregs enough that when I saw the same people worked on this story¬† I instantly added it to my pull. I am a bit wary though, the last body horror comic I got was Regression and it wasn’t for me. Not like it was extreme one way or the other that it wasn’t for me, just not that good that it wasn’t for me. That may have a bit to do with the author though, Cullen Bunn. I love Harrow County and his Conan stories but then he did other stuff and that stuff just wasn’t very good. Now I think he’s doing Marvel stuff so I’m not following him too much. I’m sure he’s still got good stories though. We’ll see how this one goes though.

4279844-detective-comics-976Detective Comics #976 The start of a good story arc? Seems like it. A bit of a conflict between Batman and Robin that may have to do with his future self from previous story-line? I’ll get this and see. Also this cover is cool, the other regular cover is just plain. That’s another thing I enjoy are the covers, sometimes you just buy one for the cover because it is just that good. This cover isn’t quite that good and if it wasn’t a new interesting story I probably wouldn’t get it but I am so we’ll see if it makes it to my pull list next week – oh who am I kidding, I’m gonna at least get the next issue to check the story out a bit and see where it goes.



Eternity Girl #1 New DC character from the Milk Wars I think? A mini series I think also. And two cool covers maybe? Don’t know much about this but it may be cool so I’ll check it out.





Giants #4 Not sure how much is left on this series but I enjoy it. Survivors trying to work and live together and survive with giant monsters ruling the world, a good story with good art.





Gotham City Garage #11 This is a good series, goes fast and continues to be interesting on how things play out and how familiar characters show up in unfamiliar ways. I enjoy that with the 11th issue we’re still pretty much just on the one main arc, plenty of stuff in the story that so far it hasn’t felt too drawn out or anything lie that.




Judas #4 I believe this is the last of this mini series. It was a good brief story of Judas in hell talking with Jesus who – according to legend – spent some time there before rising from the dead after his crucifixion.



large-4044189Justice League of America #26 How awesome is this cover? One thing i don’t like though is the inside isn’t like this, it’s like when they would sell video games and the cover looked so great and the video game looked nothing like the picture. You get this cover and then the inside is the usual art. I don’t really know what’s going on here, apparently a carry-over from a previous story line but as I’ve said before I’m just reading it in preparation for the whole Lost thing but still it’s not bad.


8516063-mister-miracle-7Mister Miracle #7 This one I have managed to get both covers of every issue. I had no idea who Mister Miracle was until this series, then because of this series I looked into him and started collecting the final story line of the New 52 Justice League the whole Darkseid war. And Big Barda shows up in the Gotham Garage and I wouldn’t have known who that was until this series. I will admit it feels like this whole series goes over my head at times, which makes me happy I don’t know anyone else to talk comics with because I’d have to fake getting these books, I mean I get the whole main story but the whole Darkseid Is stuff is beyond me. Still great art and story.



Sideways #2 One of the new DC characters, only the second issue but so far it’s good and entertaining. Not much more to say about this one yet.





Slots #6 Final book for this arc, not sure if the series is continuing on but it is without me. Just never really got me interested enough to keep it around. To me it just never seemed to really get the whole boxing/gambling/Vegas feel. It all felt too pretty and not very dangerous at all.



Supergirl #19 I’ll probably be getting this one mostly for the covers. The whole Artgerm cover thing is cool. I’ve never bought a comic with the sole intention of selling it, just not for me, so the Artgerm covers I’ve bought because they look cool. The picture here isn’t the Artgerm one because I may actually like this cover more. I really have no idea what is going on story-wise, though I hear this series is coming to an end.




VS #2 Not much to say about this one as it’s only the second issue. The first one was different, not sure if I like it or not, kind of felt like I do when reading the Mister Miracle one, like I’m just too old or not smart enough to track what’s going on. It’s a game, I guess? This one I like the multiple covers – though not sure why. Still uncertain about this one but we’ll see.